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After many years of asking us for a model inspired by this beautiful species, we are pleased to present this new piece. We hope it captivates you!

  • This new member of the catalog is born thanks to you, after several suggestions from clients around the world who have asked us for it year after year. The last push was from a client who, having developed her activity in direct relationship with this species, has tempted us to venture into this very beautiful tree.
  • With this new Bonsai model, as with many previously made, we try to make it the most representative of the trees that surround us in the different geographical points of the map. We want to provoke that upon seeing them, they will transport you to that beautiful memory, of childhood, of the warmth of home, of a beautiful time walking among native trees... Thus, we are gifting the piece the capacity to emerge those feelings, emotions and anecdotes.
  • We sincerely hope that you enjoy and recognize the species we represent since the first impression.

In case you still don’t know us, we invite you to discover our history and learn about the art of molding these sculptures at MY COPPER BONSAI and, in case you want to meet the team, take a look at THE ARTISTS.

    • Thank you for motivating us to continue exploring new goals!



The design stages of a new species always starts with large size replicas, since they allow us to develop greater details and encompass all those characteristics that we have previously studied.

  • The process until we achieve the final piece requires a lot of work of drawing, reading, analysis, and extensive test execution. Little by little, we sketch the smallest measures, trying to establish the harmony between the scale, the trunk, its foliage, etc.



One of the main challenges was to face the technical aspect of the development of the smallest entity, the leaf. Obviously, it is one of the main factors that defines the model and it allows us to easily recognize this species.

  • Due to this particular sheets and its complexity, at the moment, we will only be able to attend to large size orders.
  • We promise, as always, to keep you updated.



We invite you to meet the new family bonsai member, the RED MAPLE TREE.

We are pleased to present, with great enthusiasm, this new piece!


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Mi Bonsai de Cobre
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