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We already have it here! Our new website full of news and a lot of style. We invite you to enjoy our passion for art.

  • After a long period of constant lived experiences, both our own and shared with you, we have managed to capture many details necessary to form this new virtual space.
  • We have tried to make your visit a little more agile and simple. As well as providing optimal design to our exhibition gallery.
  • We are aware that we must always update ourselves, but as a group we are proud to be able to count on you and achieve those goals together.
  • As always, we thank each and every one of the people who encourage and support us to continue in this project, either by sharing their admiration or by letting our bonsai be part of their homes.

In case you still don’t know us, we invite you to discover our history and learn about the art of molding these sculptures at MY COPPER BONSAI and, in case you want to meet the team, take a look at THE ARTISTS.

      • We hope to satisfy your wishes with the best attention as you deserve.
      • Thank you for sharing our site and choosing us!



A modern design that unifies several ideas explored throughout these years. In this way a graphic simplicity is enhanced, that allows us to unify our seal in all languages.

  • This is how MBC was born, a distinctive firm that collects the concept of MY COPPER BONSAI that arose in its origins from the Spanish language, but today must adapt to the international character of our project. In the search for a common link between all languages, we are pleased to present MBC to you.



As many of you already know in person our catalog , with which we rely on to design and decide together the details of your pieces, we wanted to take advantage of this tool so that you can access to the details, characteristics and photographs of our wide variety of works with this support and more dynamic format.

  • We offer our catalogs in 2 languages ​​in the combinations you want, translations in 6 languages ​ total at the moment.
  • Each store that wants to expose our pieces, will be able to make a selection of the families and models that best suit their clientele.



We invite you to discover our website!


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