Each BONSAI is a unique handcrafted piece. They can be made following a certain pattern of size and form but the finished result is a work with its own identity; therefore , it will be made as close as possible to the standard model, but will never be identical.

The variety of colors will be chosen from the palette we offer, the pigments can vary according to the time, as well as the supports and availability thereof.

Each ceramic support is unique, handmade by local artists of the island of Mallorca; molded, cooked and enameled. It may be observed, the combination of stones together with the ceramic pot, can radically vary the optical effect of a tree.

Each piece, regardless of its size, has a layer of varnish to protect the work from inclement weather.

The customization of each piece and its details will always be the customer's decision.

It is recommended to look in the photo gallery for the size and shape of the different Bonsai we offer, so you can orientate your order.

Send us an e-mail if you have any doubts or need any clarifications (

Prices do not include shipping costs. The web itself, will perform a calculation of the same in later steps; as these ones vary according to destination, weight, dimensions and final value of the order.



The production term depends on the model and quantities requested. They are unique pieces, made by hand, with preparation times of the material, molding, filling and tinting of the leaves, varnishing, drying, etc. which should be considered in production times.

We estimate a period of 15 working days for Souvenir, Mini or Small Bonsai and 20 working days for Medium, Large, Fruit or Special Bonsai. This information will be confirmed by e-mail in response to the reception of the order, as it depends on the season, quantities, lines or models of the order in question.



The sculptures are packaged individually and, in turn, collectively taking into account to prevent internal movements that may affect them. Packaging is always included in the price. If it is a quantity of larger pieces, they will be separated and protected together by a box of larger dimensions according to the total volume.

Each piece is secured with film to a plastic base, as we pressed with the box, it is fixed to this one and the possible movements in any direction are canceled. So the Bonsai is prepared to travel and suffer all kinds of external factor in the shipping process.



If the client requests it, we offer handcraft bags, individuals or altogether, depending on how you will give to your most precious beings.

Each piece is packed individually. Once finished, a short explanation and summary of meanings of colors in different cultures is placed, in the language requested.



The outer film will be removed and carefully stretched from the plastic base by rotating and pulling it to ensure that the box is extracted with the most vertical movement possible.




Because of the characteristic of copper, a material with memory, the direction of the branches can be modified a posteriori in all Bonsai lines. 

With Souvenir, Mini or Small Bonsai, you can also twist the trunk as you desire. With one hand protect  the base of the trunk, where it is fixed to the support (most delicate part) and, with the other, mold as you wish. In case of the Medium Bonsai measure, this option is not valid since, for its stability, they have a thicker copper structure which can not be modified without supervision of the artist.



We are currently working with Packlink, a courier comparator that rates prices between more than 300 parcel services, both for shipments in Spain and abroad. They work with the most recognized parcel companies on the market as Correos (The spanish Post), Correos Express, SEUR, UPS, TNT, Envialia, GLS, among others. All carriers are trusted and have efficient and reliable services.

 Thanks to the volume of shipments handled by the company, they are able to offer urgent courier services with discounts of up to 50% on domestic shipments and 70% on international shipments.




Insurance will always be contracted for the total value of each shipment for the protection of both parts.

The total value insured is the sum of the amount of the pieces + the shipping cost + the total insurance price.

In this way, if any inconvenience should occur with the package, the company would compensate us for the total cost of producing the pieces and ship them again.



A base term of 3 to 5 working days is included in our price list. The different companies are given a delivery time margin of 5 to 8 days, depending on the destination. If you wish to make an urgent shipment, it will always be charged to the customer. Read PRODUCTION TERM.



To ensure the security of your purchase online, we use the PayPal system. Payment can be made by debit / credit selection. 

We also accept  bank transfer.  

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