The whole family began to work on the project to turn what was a hobby into a new way of life.

The best characteristic :None if the trees are the same as one another. They may have the same colored leaves, or a similar shaped trunk, but each of them is unique.

We enjoy the communication with the future owners, sharing the design process, shaping their desires threw this molding process, finding the details that will make someone vibrate with the artistic piece. It creates a special connection that we feel grateful for been participants.

If you would like to know more about the concepts or any aspect of this family project named My Copper Bonsai : Read more...




Interior designer. 

Totally compromised with the family project, she has been collaborating with her gifted and exquisite esthetic taste to improve the exposition of this artistic pieces. She’s involved on several stages at workshop since preparing the raz material until taking care about the logistic behind every bonsai tree.

"It is our challenge and family desire to achieve through this very pure profession, captivate your eyes and allow us to reach many corners of the world."



She grow up surrounded by an artistic environment. Loved any expression of art since little and, today, is part of this bonsai family project. an enthusiastic apprentice who is perfecting her technique under the tutelage of the original gardener. Behind the camera lens, she tries to transmit the passion for this profession by highlighting the details and twists of each piece. Painting, drawing, she uses different techniques of expression.

“The tree, being in constant development process. Its trunk, its roots, the details of its twisted tells stories, about the passage of time and experiences. A certain analogy of our own growth.”



Architect and artist since he was very young.

He has been designing copper wire trees for 40 years and perfecting this technique. The bonsais take up most of his time, patience , knowledge and dedication to be able to capture the detail that they possess, all of this is expressed in its entwined roots and branches and the free movement of its leaves.

“After seeing how this global situation is changing mankind, we wish for the Bonsais to be a way to revive values that are asleep inside us and remind us that our own will is strong enough to overcome all limitations.”

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